Monday 26 December 2022

Installing vanilla Debian 11 on RockPro 64 from Ubuntu 22.04

That's hard to believe but you actually can use upstream / vanilla images to install Debian for SBC RockPro 64.

NB! You can find Debian 12 Bookworm images here. More options here.

First download images from official Debian server 



Combine them into single image:

zcat firmware.rockpro64-rk3399.img.gz partition.img.gz > complete_image.img

If you like me use USB adaptor for SD card then you need to manually umount partition from console (not from Ubuntu UI as it will unplug device).

Finally, write it on SD card:

sudo dd if=complete_image.img of=your_chosen_boot_device bs=4M

If you have relatively modern U-Boot installed into SPI you can use USB stick for installation.  

The best option to monitor boot process to have serial console enabled but installer is unusable from it and look this way:

Fortunately, at that exactly time you will have HDMI working fine and you can plug external display and continue installation. 

Also you will need proper keyboard for it. 

Based on official guide

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