Tuesday 27 December 2022

Boot RockPro64 from USB or PXE

By default RockPro64 can boot only from SD or eMMC card. So if you're looking for alternative options then you need to install U-Boot into bundled SPI memory using this guide.

You need to be extremely cautious and do not interrupt procedure after it started. It need around few minutes to finish.

After that you need to wait for text "SF: ... bytes @ 0x8000 Written: OK" and then wait little bit more until white led on board starts blinking with 1 second interval. It may mean that process finished. 

Then you can power it off and remove SDcard and start normal boot procedure and in this case it will load U-Boot from SPI memory:

It will try checking your USB devices and then will try to boot from PXE:

You can easily check that it works fine by using bootable USB stick with Linux and it was very successful in my case:

In case of RockPro64 you can create bootable USB using official Debian images for RockPro64.

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