Sunday 5 December 2010

Типы состояния tcp сокетов в Linux

ESTABLISHED The socket has an established connection.
SYN_SENT The socket is actively attempting to establish a connection.
SYN_RECV A connection request has been received from the network.
FIN_WAIT1 The socket is closed, and the connection is shutting down.
FIN_WAIT2 Connection is closed, and the socket is waiting for a shutdown from the remote end.
TIME_WAIT The socket is waiting after close to handle packets still in the network.
CLOSE The socket is not being used.
CLOSE_WAIT The remote end has shut down, waiting for the socket to close.
LAST_ACK The remote end has shut down, and the socket is closed. Waiting for acknowledgement.
LISTEN The socket is listening for incoming connections. Such sockets are not included in the output unless you specify the --listening (-l) or --all (-a) option.
CLOSING Both sockets are shut down but we still don’t have all our data sent.
UNKNOWN The state of the socket is unknown.

Источник: man netstat

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