Wednesday 26 September 2012

Какие есть версии кодировщика IonCube и чем они отличаются?

There are three versions of the Encoder. The base version is available for $199, and offers the core encoding features essential to protecting PHP source code.

The Pro Version ($299) and Cerberus ($379) add features for creating license files to restrict scripts to run on specific machines, and also to stop files from running beyond a certain point in time if this is required. The Pro version can restrict files to any combination of IP addresses and server names, and Cerberus can also lock files to specified MAC addresses.

The Windows Pro and Cerberus Encoder also includes a license generator for Linux (and optionally FreeBSD or OS X) so that with a single product license, you can encode scripts on Windows and create license file for your scripts either from Windows or Unix. This is great if wanting to automate license file generation from a web server.

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