Monday 24 May 2010

Вакансия Last.FM для С++ программиста

C++ Software Engineer, Data and Recommendations

Purpose of Role
We're seeking an exceptional software engineer to join the small and very enthusiastic data and recommendations team at The position is full-time and based in London.

Are you ready to tackle all the challenges that high-performance, data-intensive backend software can put on your way? Do you like thinking about cache lines, memory bandwidth, seek times, and how code constructs are compiled into machine code? At the same time, do you enjoy writing lean, tested, modular code, using the kind of high-level and expressive idioms only Boost and the STL can offer? Do you have experience implementing key-value stores, information retrieval or large-scale machine learning software?

We need a coding wizard to help develop backend infrastructure, where magic like recommendations, tag clouds, radio playlist or realtime profile charts generation happens.

Analyze, test, optimize, maintain, design and build core backend software components
Perform research on algorithms for recommendation and scalability related problems
Build cool demos with our data
Code using primarily C++ (STL/Boost) and Python
Expert knowledge developing and debugging in C++ on *nix
Experience building large-scale server applications
Interested in: computational complexity, scalability, map/reduce, bloom filters, bitmaps, caching algorithms, multithreading, radix trees, LSH, template metaprogramming, thrift, boost, bogosort, and much more
MSc in computer science or related is a plus

Это вам не на похапе писать, тут мозг нужен.

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