Saturday, 6 March 2010

О том, для кого написан Zope :)

You should try the Zope 2 application server or other Zope-based solutions if you are tired of

* PHP security issues
* the vendor lock-in effect of Microsoft solutions
* the complexity of J2EE solutions


I've been working on a new application made with Zope 2.12, ZTK and Five; once again i become impressed by how powerful Zope is. After a short experience making projects with Django and Pylons, and even if Zope was conceived before the Agile-era, i still believe Zope's approach is a good way to develop web applications. However, i'm not saying there's no place for improvements, in fact this post aspires to become a 'what if...' one.



  1. а что вообще хорошего в этом питоне? мне кажется ruby и его фреймвёрк не хуже, если не лучше. по крайней мере по скорости исполнения

  2. Они в разных весовых категориях. Zope - это вещь класса J2EE, а тот же Rails - эм, ну те тот калибр вопщем :)


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