Thursday 22 October 2009

Железная платформа

For those of you who think it can't be so hard to run this site, here are a few facts for you:

18 web nodes - newest ones are Dual-CPU dualcore Opteron 4GB RAM 1U.
12 profile database servers (soon to be Hadoop nodes) - 12-disk SCSI 8GB RAM dual Opteron 3U.
2 global database servers - 12-disk SCSI 16GB RAM dual Opteron 3U.
5 storage nodes - 12 SATA disks, 3TB each.
Plus another 20 or so general-purpose boxes for indexing, searching, charts, etc.

We have 5 racks' worth of equipment spread across 2 datacenters in east London. All in all about 140 CPU cores and 230GB of RAM.

Average bandwidth usage: 300 Megabits (10 megabits of that is solely HTML).
Total power supply: 24kW (102 amps), which probably costs us about £100/day.

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