Monday 1 May 2023

Mozilla VPN without UI on Ubuntu Linux 22.04 over NAT64

Mozilla VPN service is a really nice service but their UI does not support IPv6 only environment. I use NAT64 box in my network and it does not help either.

Sadly it's known bug and it's still here ;( Luckily I found nice way to workaround it using command line interface. 

I found nice workaround 

Install their Linux app as documented on web site. 

Then we're going to use console app to authenticate. Start authentication process using:

mozillavpn login

Then check that you're successfully authenticated:

mozillavpn status

Then get list of all available servers:

mozillavpn servers

And select your favourite one:

mozillavpn select us-nyc-wg-505

Generate Wireguard configuration using wgconf option which was added recently:

mozillavpn wgconf > mozilla-vpn.conf

Optiwas added recently

Then open mozilla-vpn.conf with editor and alter line like this:

Endpoint = x.y.z.y:23662


Endpoint = 64:ff9b::x.y.z.y:23662

Then establish VPN:

wg-quick up mozilla-vpn.conf

To shutdown it you can use:

wg-quick down mozilla-vpn.conf

In this case we will use NAT64 gateway for connection.

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