Saturday 8 April 2023

How to enable IPv6 on Google Cloud?

Google Cloud has native support for IPv6 but you need to create special VPC network to use IPv6.

As first step open VPC configuration:

Then create new VPC network and fill all fields as on my screenshot. 

Then configure subnet settings. The most important step to specify dual stack. 

Then you need to create default firewall rules to allow ICMPv6. You may notice that we use number 58 instead of ICMPv6 due to following issue:

Then enable ssh:

After these steps you can create new Compute instances in this region. Then you need to open advanced settings and select our new IPv6 enabled network in list:

And finally select dual stack:

The fun thing that you actually can disable IPv4 completely or you can allocate dedicated IPv6 address for machine. 

Pricing for IPv6 addresses even static ones is mostly free:

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