Tuesday 2 December 2008

Многообразие отладчиков ядра Линукс - целых два! встроенный, запускается прямо на отлаживаемой машине. пошаговый, позволяет подключиться к отлаживаемой машине по последовательному порту и отлаживать в стиле "а ля отладка обычного софта".

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Amit Kale, maintainer of the KGDB Linux kernel debugger, reports that the company he founded is offering commercially supported versions of KGDB. LinSysSoft distributes KGDB Pro as a pre-built binary supporting the latest Red Hat kernels, with support, bug fixes, patches, and a 48-hour response-time guarantee to critical bugs.

KGDB, along with KDB, is one of two popular Linux kernel debuggers. Whereas KDB runs on the system being debugged, and can be used to debug any Linux kernel, KGDB runs on a separate development host, and works on kernels with compiled-in debugging support. According to Kale, KGDB aims to let users debug Linux kernels much as they would debug applications, setting breakpoints and stepping through code line by line while observing variable values.

According to Kale, "After talking to a lot of KGDB users, we realized their frustrations stemmed from lack of dedicated support. Installations required lot of reading, posting mails on lists, and it took forever to get things going. KGDB Pro aims to solve most of these issues."


KGDB Pro is available now, priced at $1,500, including qualified packages for various Linux distributions and kernels, installation support, bug fixes, support for four new Linux kernels per year, five troubleshooting/bug fixes per year, and discounted rates on requested feature enhancements.

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